Podcasting or Periscope? Which One Will Work for Your Business?

podcast rustic sign

We talked about marketing, but lets talk more about a way to reach your customers.  I’m talking about Podcasting and Periscope.  They are a little similar in that your audience gets a closer feel of who you are and what you represent with your business.  You can have a podcast pertaining to many different topics related to your business.  If you are a skin care company you could have a podcast devoted entirely to a scar reduction cream like Dermefface Fx7.  Or if your business is related to boating, you can have a podcast talk about the latest, greatest engines on the market.  The possibilities are endless.

The other method to reach your customers in through Periscope.  Periscope is a way that you can talk directly to your customers/followers and they can see you.  Your customers can ask you questions, or you can simply just explain what it is you are talking about like Dermefface Fx7 or anything boating related (using the same example above). When you use Periscope it makes your customers feel closer to you and that you can relate to them.  This can be particularly important with future sales.

Resources:  dermeffacefx7reviews.com